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The Robots are Coming!

UiPath continues to impress! In their recent 22.4 platform release, they announced they introduced zero infrastructure, frictionless cloud robots. UiPath clients now have the ability to build and run robots quickly whenever they want, with SaaS robots hosted in the UiPath Automation Cloud™.

Can you hear that? (Yip Yip Horray...cheers all around)

This is game changing for the small to medium businesses and allows for frictionless approach to helping its top growth market by providing access to:

  • Instant, limitless robot power with zero infrastructure

  • Serverless or VM-based

  • All delivered and managed from Automation Cloud

Within a few clicks you can now spin up a serverless or VM-based cloud robot all hosted, centrally managed, and secured by UiPath. No more spinning up VM's with high maintenance costs or heaven forbid you leverage a 3rd party IT outsourcer which includes even more costs and margins. Reach out to your local automation partner or UiPath rep to learn more and they can assist in helping you determine whether serverless or VM-based cloud robots are a good fit for your program and processes in production.

UiPath is giving the power of automation back to its clients and making it easier than ever to kickstart, scale, or expand their automation footprint. Kudos to the UiPath's Chief Product Officer Param Kahlon and his team on this tremendous achievement. Excited to see what's next!

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