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Intelligent Automation Discovery Made Easy


A critical component in every companies digitization journey is Automation Discovery. Whether your business is just getting started or has a mature structure in place, this sentiment holds true. Effective Discovery can unlock your organizations automation potential and enable quick wins to secure executive commitment.

Let’s take a couple steps back for a moment and define a proper digital technology strategy and where you should look to get started. The recommended initial phase for digital transformation is Robotic Process Automation (RPA). What is RPA? In its simplest terms it is the use of software robots to mimic human behaviors and automate manual, tedious day-to-day work processes. RPA technology enables companies to remove operational inefficiencies and streamline workflows that can scale with business growth. RPA scales when and where you need at a fraction of the cost of other innovative technologies and promotes rapid speed to value with delivery in days or weeks, not months. What’s great about RPA is its use is universal and application agnostic, meaning it can be applied to just about every business function no matter the current technology ecosystem. When you go up a proverbial elevator in just about every company, functional departments from Finance, Accounts Payable, Sales, Customer Service, etc., each run similar processes that are core to business operations. Month end reporting and order to cash processes have no boundaries and are applicable to most companies across various industries. These are very mature processes with digital, structured inputs which is a good recipe for automation.

If you are saying, “That’s great, I’ve heard of RPA but I’m just not sure where and how to get started”, let’s explore the options available. Many RPA partners will suggest a paid pilot strategy engagement ranging from four to eight weeks that can be costly and overwhelming for business users. From pre-engagement preparation and project kickoff calls to overarching educational and ideation sessions for each business unit supplemented by subject matter deep dives, this method can prove challenging and often be perceived as a bandwidth burden to key stakeholders or a hurdle out of the gates. has developed a transparent approach that unlocks your organization’s automation potential in real-time and allows you, the client, to drive. Crazy thought here, but we believe discovery should be a partner’s commitment in your program’s success. So how do we do it? Our proven discovery approach provides complimentary tooling to collect, analyze, and prioritize your automation potential. It requires minimal business user time so your team can stay focused on the business. Within a few days, our team hand delivers the following:

1. Process Feasibility and Investment Analysis

Identify which opportunities are a good fit for automation mirroring the key metrics that matter most to your organization and estimated costs to deliver an automated solution

2. Bot Business Case

Build a 3-year annualized ROI model for each submission to define the total cost of ownership so you can effectively communicate the business impact and secure organizational sponsorship and engagement​

3. Prioritized Automation Backlog

Equips your team with the data to effectively plan and prepare an automation strategy that aligns with your organizational goals to accelerate success​

Did I mention it’s complimentary? No unneeded personnel, no hidden costs and no red tape. Welcomely gives you the keys to the kingdom so your team can unlock its automation potential in real-time. We do the heavy lifting by preparing a per submission business case and ROI modeling over 3 years as well as calculate the investment costs associated with delivery from licensing and implementation to support. Instantly your team has full access to data required to effectively create your programmatic strategy and rollout plan. In addition, you’ll have access to request an on-demand, comprehensive report prepared by Welcomely Cloud’s #1 employee Roger Robot. Roger Robot works 24/7 and will hand deliver your organization’s automation summary within seconds.

Automation Discovery no longer requires a multi-week, grand investment but rather can be an intuitive process that is flexible to meet your business stakeholders where they are today.

Welcome to the Future of Automation! Are you ready?


Welcomely believes in the power of people, and creating innovative solutions using cutting edge technologies to improve the lives of our colleagues, clients and communities. We are on a mission to simplify automation for the masses.

To learn more about and its complimentary Automation Discovery approach, please reach out to Justin Franks at


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