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Solutions design to support the automation lifecycle

Our Solutions

Process Discovery

Welcomely offers complimentary Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Discovery to identify ideas from an internal community of contributors, process owners, and key stakeholders.  We help prioritize ideas based on your own KPIs, maximizing organization impact and visualize automation complexity and estimated costs and benefits to better understand your ROI.


Welcomely uses an agile, delivery methodology designed to optimize both speed-to-value and quality to ensure automations are delivered consistently and quickly.  Working closely with our clients throughout the delivery process ensures optimal results and innovative solutions.  Welcomely offers fixed fee pricing, based on process complexity to eliminate cost overruns thus focusing on delivering value to the organization.


Welcomely uses a three-phase approach to automation support to ensure our clients are focused on core business operations and customer outcomes and not automation support.  With simple pricing and no long term commitment, we offer our clients a comprehensive support plan that works for all.


Welcomely provides a customized training experience for your employees to ensure objectives of both the individual and the business are met, all led by trainers with deep practical experience with the technology platform.  By utilizing real world exercises, enhanced reference materials and flexible learning styles, we enable long term success for our learners.

Client Satisfaction is our #1 Priority

Welcomely aligns internal incentives to optimize client satisfaction with all our solutions.  Your success is our success and we strive to continually improve our service based on client feedback and expectations.

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